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Serving you Better since 1948

Breathing Life into Care: Tracing the Inspiring Journey of Norco Medical

About us

Norco Medical: Bridging Industries with Unparalleled Commitment to Care

Norco Medical grew out of the industrious roots of Nordling Auto Parts Company in Boise, Idaho, evolving into an oxygen provider under the stewardship of Larry and Fran Kissler in 1968. Originally supplying oxygen for industrial use, the company naturally branched into the burgeoning field of medical oxygen. By 1989, this expansion had led to the opening of our first medical branch in downtown Boise, thus laying the foundation for the comprehensive range of home medical equipment we offer today.

Today, Norco Medical boasts a strong presence with 45 branches dedicated to medical services and a total of 80 locations across seven states; including retail branches, air separation units, and gas manufacturing plants. This growth is underpinned by the founders' commitment to excellent customer service, a commitment symbolized by putting you, our customer, at the top of our organizational chart. This remains a steadfast value at Norco.

Our Values

Serving You Better With Every Step

At Norco, 'Serving You Better' is our guiding principle. As an employee-owned company, we take pride in delivering top-notch services and products to our valued customers.

Our Mission
Our Committment
Our Care
Our Value
For over half a century since its inception in 1968, Norco's guiding principle remains unwavering: "Serving You Better." This ethos extends to our valued customers, our dedicated employee owners, the vibrant communities we operate in, and our trusted suppliers. In every interaction, we strive to provide top-notch products, an exceptional customer experience, and expert service. 

Steeped in the values of a family-owned business, and an employee-owned entity since 2015, Norco is a unique blend of personal investment and professional service. We don't just serve - we care. Because at Norco, you're not just a customer, you're family. Joined by this shared commitment, we continue to journey towards a healthier and happier tomorrow, together.
At Norco Medical, we're not just dedicated to serving your healthcare needs - we're devoted to enriching the communities we're a part of. Rooted in our mission of 'serving you better,' our commitment extends to actively contributing to the health, education, and overall wellbeing of our society. Through the Kissler Family Foundation, as well as through the individual efforts of our employee owners, we're making strides in meaningful ways. 

You're at the heart of what we do. When you choose Norco, you're not just choosing a healthcare provider, you're choosing a community advocator. Engaging in hundreds of community-focused initiatives across our seven-state territory, we uphold a firm commitment to creating healthier and more educated communities. We firmly believe in 'business with a heart.' You can take pride in knowing that by doing business with us, you're also contributing to the uplifting of your community. Together, let's work towards better health, improved education, and a brighter future.
At Norco, we take pride in offering a comprehensive range of home medical supplies to cater to an array of needs. From oxygen and sleep therapy to mobility aids, breast pumps, and more - our products are aimed at enhancing health, independence, comfort, safety, and freedom for our patients. We firmly believe in equipping our customers with the tools necessary to improve their quality of life. It's our honor to serve you through all stages, from choosing the right equipment, to delivery, billing, and beyond. 

Proving our commitment to quality care, the Medical Division at Norco is guided by a team of trained professionals. This includes clinically trained Respiratory Therapists, RESNA Certified Assistive Technology Professionals (ATP), certified Aging in Place specialists, and specially trained customer service representatives. Each member of our staff adheres to the highest standards in the industry, ensuring you have the best support when it comes to your health. Our robust medical billing teams complete the circle, ensuring a seamless and streamlined experience for you when you choose Norco.

Live, knowledgeable, customer service and billing specialists

24 hour on-call emergency service

Licensed respiratory therapists, Assistive Technology Professionals (ATP), clinical assistants on staff

Retail showrooms featuring top-quality, technologically advanced homecare products

Long and short term equipment rentals available

Employee and family-owned, serving you better is our top priority

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Assistive Technology Professionals (ATPs).

Experience the difference with Norco's certified Assistive Technology Professionals, dedicated to enhancing your life with tailored mobility and rehab solutions.

What is an Assistive Technology Professional (ATP)?

An ATP is a certified professional who specializes in analyzing the needs of individuals with disabilities and assists in selecting and training them on the appropriate device or equipment. They have met an internationally accepted standard of knowledge in assistive technology.

Why is ATP certification important?

ATP certification ensures quality assurance for customers and upholds a standard of professional practice. It signifies that the professional has years of experience, has passed a rigorous examination, and maintains their credential through ongoing education.

How does an ATP certified professional help me?

An ATP certified professional takes a comprehensive approach to assess your situation and determine the equipment that will best enhance your life in various environments, such as home, school, work, and the community. They work closely with you to ensure the equipment is appropriate for your needs.

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At Norco, our team of employee-owners, guided by experienced management, ensures effective service delivery and strong customer relationships through our flat organizational structure and customer-centric approach.

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At Norco, we support everyone, be it patients or service providers, ensuring all your healthcare requirements are met efficiently.

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