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Specializing in Oxygen, Sleep, and Respiratory Therapies, we deliver the latest in oxygen delivery, nebulizer, CPAP/BiPAP sleep therapy, and home ventilation solutions.

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Trust in Norco's Expertise for Comprehensive Respiratory Solutions

At Norco, we specialize in Oxygen, Sleep and Respiratory Therapies; offering the latest technology in oxygen delivery systems, nebulizer therapy, CPAP/BiPAP sleep therapy and home ventilation.

Our compassionate, knowledgeable, and licensed clinicians along with our additional team members will work with you and your physician to determine the best equipment for your home. Trust your health to the local company... and breathe a little easier. 

Oxygen Therapy

In addition to providing top-of-the-line home oxygen systems, Norco is dedicated to ensuring you have all the support you need for effective and convenient usage. Our team of experienced professionals is well-versed in the various complexities of oxygen therapy. We take into consideration your lifestyle, therapeutic requirements, and comfort to recommend a system that's best fitted to your needs.


We believe that the right oxygen system not only helps manage your health condition but also enhances the quality of life. For this reason, we offer a diverse range of products - concentrators, liquid oxygen, and portable systems - to ensure we cater to different preferences and requirements.

Trust in Norco to help you navigate through the process of selecting an oxygen delivery system. Empower yourself to maintain an active, healthy lifestyle, one breath at a time.

Traveling soon? We can help!

Don't let oxygen equipment limit your adventures. Remember, life is just beginning! We're here to make sure your trip goes smoothly. Click below to book your travel-friendly oxygen gear with us today!


Secure your portable oxygen concentrator (POC) with Norco. Drop us a call, visit our locations, or fill out our online form to reserve. For smooth arrangements, we recommend reaching out two weeks before your departure.


With our light, tote-friendly portable oxygen concentrators, you're free to embark on any journey. Just remember to check your travel provider's specific oxygen requirements. Travel light, breathe right with Norco!


After your trip, simply drop off the rental concentrator at any Norco location. Or, if you prefer, arrange to ship it back to us (shipping charges apply) at delivery. Returning made easy with Norco!

Before You Book
Travelling Oxygen Equipment Guides
Frequently Asked Questions
Travel Provider Resources
Are You A Traveling Veteran?

It is critical that prior to reserving your equipment, you verify the specific requirements or restrictions set forth by your travel provider. They can vary by transportation method and provider. See travel provider resources below.

Oxygen therapy requires a prescription from your physician. If you are a current Norco customer, we have your prescription on file. If you are renting from us for the first time, you can upload your prescription when you complete the online reservation form below, or have your physician fax a copy to your local Norco branch.

  • Extra copies of your oxygen prescription.
  • Correct tubing for day and nighttime use.
  • A/C power supply cords for plugging into the wall.
  • 12 volt power supply for plugging into the wall.
  • Any other documentation required by travel provider.
  • Extra batteries to last 150% of flight time.
  • That your batteries are fully charges.
  • That you have read the user guide for your equipment and understand the controls and how to fully operate the POC.
  • That your vehicle has adequate power in its 12 volt receptacle.

We carry multiple brands and styles of portable oxygen concentrators and are here to help you determine the best option to support your prescribed liter flow and individual needs (based on availability). We have the best, lightweight options on the market for every need from continuous flow (up to 3 lpm) or pulsing (with 6 settings), to day, night or 24/7 use. Each POC comes with either a carrying tote, or a wheeled travel cart.

How many batteries will I need?

We can help you determine your battery needs based on your liter flow, if you will use pulse or continuous flow oxygen, access to recharging along the way, and the length of your journey. Generally speaking, a battery will last between one and five hours. It is best to plan on having enough battery life for 50 percent more time than expected in case of delays, etc. We include up to four batteries with your rental, and you can rent more as needed.

How long does it take for the batteries to charge

It takes approximately five hours of charge time for each battery. Some POCs also allow for use while the batteries are charging.

Can I rent additional batteries?

Yes. Up to four batteries are included with each rental, and you can rent additional batteries for $5.00 each per day. Typically 1-2 batteries are provided (depending on POC model) if oxygen is prescribed for sleep only.

How do I return my rental POC?

You can return your rental to any of our Norco locations. You can also ship your equipment back to us (shipping charges apply). Please contact us in advance if you prefer to ship your POC back to Norco.

Can I get a POC for an emergency or last minute trip without the requested two weeks advance notice?

If our inventory allows, we are happy to accommodate requests made within the two week advance notice window. Expedited fees and shipping charges may apply.

How will I be billed?

We will collect the charges for the expected rental duration when the equipment is picked up or shipped. If the rental duration is shorter than anticipated, Norco will issue a refund. Or if the trip extends longer than expected, we will collect the additional charges when the equipment is returned. Norco will securely maintain your credit card information for use as outlined in the signed agreement. Please see the Portable Oxygen Concentrator Rental Agreement for more information.

What if I have questions about my concentrator?

For any questions concerning your rental POC, contact your local Norco branch. In case of emergency dial 911.

Do you rent for international travel?

Yes, you are free to travel wherever you desire within the guidelines outlined by your travel provider. Do note, however, that as per the Portable Oxygen Concentrator Rental Agreement, Norco is unable to support operation of the portable oxygen concentrator and related equipment outside of the United States or areas within the United States not serviced by Norco.

It is critical that you verify the POC requirements set forth by your travel provider before your trip. We have provided links below to some common travel providers for your convenience. Contact them directly, or find additional information online.

We are proud to provide travel oxygen for our country's finest heroes as part of your standard oxygen service. Please contact your nearest Norco branch to initiate your request

Reserve Travel POC

Nebulizer Therapy

Optimize your medications with the latest in aerosol delivery technology- we offer a variety of standard nebulizer compressors, portable nebulizers (with optional transport battery), and delivery kits and accessories.

Traveling? We can help!

Reserve, Roam, Return!

Don't be limited by your Oxygen Equipment. Remember... Life Just Got Started! We want to ensure that your trip will be a success.


Question 1, how do I arrange for delivery?

You can arrange for delivery by calling us..

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Home Ventilation

There is a stigma that ventilation is best handled in a long term assisted living or sub-acute nursing facility. Let Norco guide you through the process to make home ventilation a real possibility. With proper education, families are discovering that it is possible to keep and care for their loved ones in the home.

We offer both Invasive and Non-Invasive Home Ventilation. We can help you determine the right equipment for the right therapy.

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