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Complex Mobility

Custom and Specialized Mobility and Rehab Technology Equipment designed for Independence, Safety, Function and Mobility.

About Our Service

Experience the best with our Complex Mobility team.

We have been providing independence, custom mobility, and rehab technology solutions for over 25 years. Our Assistive Technology Professionals (ATP) at Norco will collaborate with you and your clinical team to determine the most appropriate equipment to meet your needs for independence, safety, and function. We believe in choice- that is why we work with all major manufacturers of complex rehab technology.

After you and your clinical team determine the most appropriate equipment, our team will work with you and your insurance company to obtain an authorization. Throughout this process, our local branch support teams will be available to provide you with updates and answer any questions you might have.

Once we obtain an authorization, we will order your equipment, assemble it, and deliver it to your home. At the delivery, we will provide you with guidance on use of the equipment.

If your equipment requires service or repair, give us a call to schedule an appointment. Our team of skilled technicians can help with keeping your equipment safe and functional. We can meet you at one of our Complex Mobility locations or in your home.

About Our Products

Let us help you regain your freedom and independence!

Committed to providing customers of all ages and abilities with greater mobility, independence and comfort.

Power Mobility Devices
Manual Wheelchairs
Pediatric Equipment

Complex Rehab Technology

Specializing in Complex Rehab Technology (CRT), we expertly configure custom wheelchairs for various conditions and ensure swift repairs for your mobility equipment to maintain your independence.

Consumer Power (Standard)

Commonly referred to as Standard Power Wheelchairs, these chairs are driven by an electric motor and are easy to maneuver inside and outdoors. We offer standard power chairs, heavy duty chairs, custom chairs and more.


Scooters are another power mobility option and are available with three or four wheels. Foldable travel scooters are available as well. We can help you choose the best scooter to fit your needs… and your budget.

Manual wheelchairs combine durability and comfort at an affordable price. Most come with standard features like flip-back armrests, swing -away footrests, and are completely foldable for easy transport and storage. We carry lightweight chairs, ultra-lightweight chairs, ultra-lightweight sports chairs, bariatric chairs and custom chairs including tilt and recline. 

Our qualified personnel with walk you through the process for choosing your chair and billing your insurance, and our superior delivery technicians will hand-deliver your new wheelchair right to your doorstep!
Norco offers a comprehensive range of specialized pediatric equipment designed to cater to the unique needs of children. This includes custom molded seats and backs, specialty manual and power wheelchairs, standing frames, and specialty pediatric hospital beds. These products are not only designed for comfort but also to support proper bone growth and prevent orthopedic issues like scoliosis. 

In addition to these, Norco also provides custom shower chairs, adaptive car seats, gait trainers, and adaptive strollers. Among the notable products are the Kidwalk by Prime Engineering and the Trak Adaptive Stroller by Leggero. These customized seating and mobility solutions are designed to enhance the independence of pediatric customers, making their daily lives easier and more comfortable.
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Assistive Technology Professionals (ATPs).

Experience the difference with Norco's certified Assistive Technology Professionals, dedicated to enhancing your life with tailored mobility and rehab solutions.

What is an Assistive Technology Professional (ATP)?

An ATP is a certified professional who specializes in analyzing the needs of individuals with disabilities and assists in selecting and training them on the appropriate device or equipment. They have met an internationally accepted standard of knowledge in assistive technology.

Why is ATP certification important?

ATP certification ensures quality assurance for customers and upholds a standard of professional practice. It signifies that the professional has years of experience, has passed a rigorous examination, and maintains their credential through ongoing education.

How does an ATP certified professional help me?

An ATP certified professional takes a comprehensive approach to assess your situation and determine the equipment that will best enhance your life in various environments, such as home, school, work, and the community. They work closely with you to ensure the equipment is appropriate for your needs.

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